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if we skyping best believe im looking at myself in that lil window not u



adult’s movies: sex, explosions, yelling, cheap love story

kid’s movies: deep heart-wrenching death, moments where you question your own values, humor, adult jokes splashed in, the secret to the entire universe, sometimes explosions too

"I dunno man, kid’s movies are just kinda dumb"

have u ever watched a good adult movie or did u just watch transformers and think, ‘yep this is as good as it’s gonna get’


Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2013


Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2013


So I accidentally said, “my crotch has a hole in it.” Instead of “my pants have a hole in them.” And this guy looked me dead in the eyes and whispered

"It’s called a vagina."


do not date people like me…i will take you to art museums and laugh at all of the private parts on the white marble statues


i have no interest in small talk tell me about ur childhood and what ur parents are like and how many siblings u have and if u are afraid of death or if u believe in an afterlife and what ur favorite movie is and if u like romantic comedies or horror movies or action movies and what kind of music u like and why and tell me the bands or artists u loved in middle school but are too ashamed to admit to anyone else